April 14, 2017

Reacquainting with St Kitts

Brimstone Hill
Brimstone Hill
Hi Friends,

So for many of us, it is a long time since we visited St Kitts. For others, perhaps you have never visited the island. I thought in this blog post I would share a coupe of videos to whet your appetite for your visit to St Kitts.

The first video is featuring the island and how St Kitts has become enriched by tourism. I am sure some of you will see some familiar faces too.


The other video is for those of you who are staying at the Marriott. This video will give you a tour of the hotel so you know what to expect.


Then, what is new. Check out this next video which gives you a preview of Christophe Harbour.
We are making plans to go here to chill one evening so watch this space.



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