May 4, 2017

Do you remember the good ol days?


I was reminiscing on the good ol days and there are so many things I remember! Actually some of those things really brought a smile to my face.

I wonder..... do you remember the same things I do.

Below are some of the things I remember from growing up in St Kitts-Nevis. 

I am realy keen to know what you remember which are not listed below. Don't be shy!

Tell us all, even those crazy and embarrassing moments we may have chosen to forget.

Here is my list, please tell me yours in the comments box below.


Attending meetings at the Kingdom Hall at Fort Thomas Road?

Sis Charles playing the piano and the brother who played the accordion for kingdom songs at our meetings? This was the only music we had. If you remember who was that brother? Share in the comments box.

When we used to sell the magazines?

When most of Ponds was cane fields?

The old grammar school? Did you go there?

When hardly anyone had a TV? If you had one, probably was black and white!

The assembly when most people got sick due to food poison? Bonus points if you remember which island that was in!

Going to assemblies in Sandy Point? I got baptised at one of those!

Picking grapes at Frigate bay? No ... there was no Strip!!

Jaw bone breakers? Do you remember how you shared it up!!

The purple song book? Bonus points what was the title?

Getting the youth book at the convention?

When we had the refreshment stand at the assembly? Those were the days when we had food!!

When the Queen came to st Kitts?

When Christina sank? Where were you and what were you doing?

The earthquake in St Kitts in the 70s?

When we use to be in bible dramas?

Our hikes over to the peninsula (good feeling)?

When girls use to wear ribbons in their hair?

When the old typewriter was the order of the day -  no fax and no word processor and def no computers!!!

When most people only listen to the radio and church songs on Sunday was the norm?

Using the green bible in field service?

Using the Sermon Outlines for service?

Using a view master?

Offering subscriptions for the Watchtower and Awake magazines?

Finally, do you remember the only tea you knew was "bush tea"?

I really want to know what you remember if not covered here. Tell us in the comments box below.



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Samuel(junie) Farrington(chapman) on May 5, 2017 2:54 AM
My last ever hike was just a couple of months before I left St.Kitts, in the Summer of 1976. We left Basseterre and travelled to Bro Reginald Ward residence, which was the staging area for our hike to Ottleys level. As I look back, what strikes me most was the camaraderie that existed between us. We had almost 100 percent participation. No one was too old, small, too big or young. Brothers and sisters came from St.Peters, Old Road and Middle Island to meet up with us. I remember Brother Fredericks(Boone) and Bro.Ward leading the way with their water boots and Bro.Jackson and Bro.Mills all taking the hike with us. It was such a wonderful time. Soon the young stallions broke away from the pack to reach the summit. Myself, Dale, Perry, Phonso and a few others.The breeze was refreshingly fresh. LOL. We could see Basseterre frim the top and myself and Perry broke out in a song sung by Elvis Presley "For you are beautiful, I have always loved you ,more beautiful than the spoken words can tell." That was my last wonderful time I enjoyed with my friends, 41 years ago.
Maryellen Payne on June 3, 2017 9:19 PM
Yes, I remember that hike to the summit very well.  The ground was still soggy from recent fallen rain.  Myself and Cathy Vanterpool were among those who made it, getting to the summit finally, surrounded by clouds.  It was damp and cold, but we were all so excited that we made it  to the summit! 
Then I thought to myself, getting to the summit was a feat in itself, but what about the descent into the crater itself.  The climb would not be complete without the descent.  Would my legs be up to it?  While hesitating, Nehru came to my aid and helped me make up my mind.  "Let's do it; I will help you." he said.  So with his help, Cathy and I made the very steep descent to the bottom.  There was no water, but muddy bubbles could be seen all around.  What struck me was the erie silence.  Not a bird, no sign of life whatsoever!  We sat around for a bit until Br. Blake suddenly got up and declared, "I'm getting outa here!"  The rest of us had no problem with that decision.  The return to the summit was not easy, but we all made it back to join Br Mills, Br. & Sis. Jackson and the others for the "hard-on-the-calf muscles" descent to where we started at the bottom of the mountain--Mt. Liamuiga, formerly known as Mt. Misery.
"Those were the days, my friend,
We thoiught they'd never end......."
Happy to count myself among those who remember.
PS.  Sadly, the Jacksons and Cathy are no longer with us.  There'll be lots to catch up with in the resurrection.


Kenneth Farrington on May 6, 2017 12:16 AM
I remember the times when we had assemblies at warner park and we used to go with Brother Moore on his truck. On one occasion Llewelyn Peet's almost fall off the truck while we were carrying chairs to sandy point. At warner park in the late sixties there was a meter in the stadium that worked with quarters so in the night while the assembly was going on if you did not put quarters in the meter the light will go out it happen at one assembly , also we used to make ice cream 
that was awesome, who remember Brawbread ? He had love his belly, we used to also have assemblies at see breeze sandy point I also have a picture of the old stadium at sandy point which I will upload on the other page, I really enjoyed my upbringing in St  Kitts we were truly a United brother hood we had  
some good examples to follow like brothers Snow, Hull, Mills Jackson and Ondejko, I also remember we had 27 baptized on the 10 of February 1974 at a circuit assembly in Nevis, there was a Brother by the name of Brother Kruger he was of the anointed he used to play the violin at the Kingdom Hall in Irish town, then we used to go by Brother Thomas who we used to call. Brother Tommy on Monday or Tuesday night for book study, I also remember 1975 when we went to St Martin for the convention on the liamega , and finally I remember April 24 1977 when I left St kitts that was a sad day leaving my brothers and sisters but I am happy to know that most of us are still serving Jehovah faithfully 
Venetta Langlais (Kelly Fraites) on May 6, 2017 2:29 PM
I do remember those days, and our faithful brothers and sisters. Did you get baptized with Vincent in Nevis also? Wish I could have been there.
Kenneth Farrington on May 7, 2017 9:13 PM
Yes Vincent and I got baptized together,we were serious young people 

Barbara Moorer on May 6, 2017 8:58 AM
Thanks guys you remember a lot I don't. Yes I remember Brawbread LOL LOL
No one in those times could have forgotten him!!!

I would love to see the photo of the stadium in Sandy Point. I was baptised at an assembly there with Perry Peets and Victorine Martenborough. Just 3 of us.

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