July 2, 2018
1 Year, 7 months and 19 days since
our celebration.
"Making Memories, Breaking The Distance"

Dear friends,

​Well, it's reunion time again and I am really looking forward to seeing your smiling faces again. I am so happy to hear that so many who could not make it last time in July 2007 and  have expressed a desire to join us. Who knows, this may be the last one this side of Armageddon!

​As you know, this is our second friends reunion and you cannot have a friends reunion without friends. So have a good think about all those friends you know who might want to come and tell them all about it. Please use the "Tell a friend" link below. I hope this is enough notice for you to plan accordingly.

​This time the reunion will be held again in the beautiful, lush and sunny islands of St Kitts and Nevis .. home to most of us. The festivities will commence on Monday 2 July with an optional gathering at the Palms Court Gardens restaurant in Fortlands. You will have an opportunity to have a drink, have lunch or enjoy the pool if that is your wish. Please note that you must be willing to have at least one drink at this venue. If you wish to have lunch, we suggest that you make a reservation as this is very popular with tourists. It is such a beautiful venue.

​Update - We are now accepting some late applications for the late entry fee of US$80.00 per person. If you intend on attending the black tie dinner you will need to register and pay this fee without exception. You will not be able to attend the dinner if you have not paid in full.

Unless stated otherwise, all prices quoted are in US Dollars.
T shirts can now be ordered. Please refer to my January Blog post on the subject or refer to the page T Shirts Collection for more details.

Registration now closed. Please contact me directly. 

Should you wish to help with the event or sit on a particular Committee, could you please contact me by email advising me of your skills. Please see page "Volunteers Needed". I am looking to build a team.

​As always, thank you so much for being part of this friends community and family and I cannot wait to you see you all there in 2018, Jehovah willing.

Much love,

Event Manager for Friends Reunion

​P.S. Check out our Quiz page. Have fun with it and don't cheat!! 

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